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Play your best, we do the rest!

The best Esport Platform

Our service is meant to gather all aspects of Esport from providing competitions to team management tools so you can put all the chances on your side to become the next pro!


Enjoy the esport competition and play against same level opponents and balanced teams with our fair matchmaking algorithm.
Little to no involvement is required in match or tournament organization thanks to our automated system.

Cash prizes tournaments

Participate in daily tournaments for everyone and every level to win real money cash prizes and other loots.

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Screenshot of League of Legends Esport match room

The best teammates, the right opponents

We help you find skilled and like-minded players.  Set up and manage your team, use our team management system to schedule and coordinate your games just like real pro gamers. 

Improve your game, enhance teamplay

Use our home made statistics reports to identify your leaks, know all about your plays and find out where you can improve your game.

Screenshot of League of Legends Esport match panel

Get in the game, subscribe! is currently in its last development phase and in order to prepare its launch, we need to grow our community and gather thousands of players to guarantee a performant and reliable service.

The more subscriptions and interest we will have, the fastest we will get there… so subscribe, like and share!




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